A gastronomic experience like no other

The highlight of a visit to any Mövenpick hotel is the world-class cuisine for which our brand is universally famous, based on almost 70 years of culinary expertise and fine tuning. We serve local cuisine in authentic locations, from freshly-caught fish on the beach to couscous in a Bedouin tent, while our speciality restaurants were designed with special occasions in mind, making them ideal for a candlelit dinner or group celebration.

We also like to surprise you with our innovative and value-for-money food promotions that are guaranteed to wet your appetite. Launched twice a year and available at all of our hotels globally, we present fresh flavours and new concepts.

Every dish on every menu is prepared using the finest and freshest ingredients, according to the season and created with precision, passion and the greatest of care. We also guarantee that no matter where in the world you find us, you can rely on our legendary signature dishes like the famous "Zürich style veal" as well as mouth-watering Mövenpick Premium Ice Cream to aromatic Mövenpick coffees, creamy chocolate, delicious jams and yoghurts, and of course, our unique selection of fine Mövenpick wines.

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From 1 to 31 October 2019

Ahi Tuna with Ratatouille and Olive and Aubergine Pesto

A gourmet treat inspired by Mediterranean flavours, this dish pairs a lightly sautéed fillet of yellowfin tuna with a contemporary take on ratatouille, and two pesto creations, one with black olives and the other with aubergine.

Seafood Soup with Tarragon Pistou and Saffron

This light seafood dish is enhanced by the addition of tarragon, a fragrant herb with a delicate, slightly bitter-sweet flavour, its aroma reminiscent of a mixture between anise and woodruff.

Tagliatelle with Basil Walnut Pesto

A classic dish with an unusual twist – this pesto owes its distinctive flavour to the use of walnuts, a slightly sweeter alternative to the pine nut with a delicate bitter note.

Black Cod with Pesto Rosso

After harvest, Acquerello rice is aged for no less than one year. As a result, starches, proteins and vitamins are less soluble when cooked. The consistency of the grain is also improved, preventing the rice from becoming sticky and allowing it to absorb more flavour.

Fillet of Beef with Red Cabbage Pesto

A traditional winter side is reinvented as a pesto, its fresh flavours offering a taste of springtime.

Corn Fed Chicken Breast with Yellow and Red Pepper Pistou

The secret to the colour and taste of bell peppers doesn't lie in their variety or ripeness. Green peppers have not ripened and have a slightly bitter flavour while red peppers are fully ripened and have a sweet taste. Our yellow and red pesto impresses with its sweet, mild flavour.

Gugelhupf with Chocolate and Mint Pistou

Dark chocolate and peppermint, a marriage of flavours not just reserved for traditional afternoon tea. Why not try this sweet duo paired with a German classic – the Gugelhupf.


Signature dishes

Savour traditional Swiss recipes revisited by Mövenpick: Local cuisine, global appeal!

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Go Healthy

Enjoy fresh, seasonal, and vitamin-rich products with our Go Healthy dishes.

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Power Bites

Inventive and colourful dishes for kids prepared with healthy cooking methods and nutritious produce.

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Chocolate Hour

Experience Mövenpick's exquisite chocolate tasting in all our hotels and resorts every afternoon during Chocolate Hour!

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